Strategy formulation

As part of my company’s effort to streamline the integration process with its Payment APIs, I was assigned the task of improving the existing documentation. Through discussions with stakeholders and merchant partners, I came to realize that there was a broader goal of enhancing Merchant Success funnel. Improving the documentation was a crucial... [Read More]
Tags: strategy

Engineers, Missionaries

I recently joined a discussion about removing the Search feature from our super app. The feature was removed a year ago due to low usage metrics. However, a powerful question was raised: what if the Search experience was simply too boring for anyone to want to use it? [Read More]

On managing systemic risks

Systemic risk in software engineering is the inherent risk that exists within any complex digital business systems. It’s the threat of risk spreading into a business from connected third-parties or out of your business into others. It’s also the threat of one component going down, which then cascades, crippling through... [Read More]